To optimize the ongoing performance of your uninterruptible power system (UPS), it is imperative to choose a UPS service provider who not only understands how your system operates but can offer the depth and breadth of support to ensure continuous uptime and business continuity. Because all service organizations are not created equal, ask about the following qualifications before you engage:

1. Trained technicians —UPS maintenance is best left to those who are intimately familiar with the devices. Considering the simple fact that the voltage inside a UPS system registers at a lethal level, it is important to contract with trained field technicians who have expert knowledge of the products they are working on. Look for a UPS service maintenance organization that provides its service engineers with regular product training, as well as constant exposure to UPS products.

2. Easy access to parts — An exceptional service provider is only as strong as the parts they have in stock. Since the ability to perform maintenance on your UPS means very little if you can’t attain replacement parts, it is important to choose a partner that will have the components you need, when you need them. Technicians should either maintain a sufficient supply on hand or be able to easily obtain them from a central stocking location.

3. Familiarity with multiple manufacturers — Because your company may deploy different UPS brands or change manufacturers in the future, it can be advantageous to engage with a professional service provider that is experienced working on a variety of power system brands.

4. Quick response — A key component of any service plan is the peace of mind that help will be there when you need it, regardless of the time of day or the type of problem that is occurring. Be sure to inquire about emergency services and response time when considering a professional service organization.

5. Commitment to safety— To ensure the overall protection of your power quality solution, as well as your facility and personnel, seek a provider that utilizes best practices and adheres to stringent safety procedures.

6. Varied service offering — When it comes to UPS service, one size doesn’t fit all. Look for an organization that offers a wide range of warranties, preventive services and service contracts. It is also beneficial to have a single source for battery replacements, upgrades and other service needs.

7. Value-added support — A comprehensive power quality solution encompasses more than just the UPS. A quality service provider should provide additional options such as remote monitoring, battery testing and replacement, and other services specifically designed to minimize your risk of system downtime.

8. Strong reputation — A little research can go a long way. Take the time to ensure your service provider has a reputation for being an outstanding company that delivers on its promises. A deep support infrastructure that includes technical support, back office resources and power quality experts is a desirable complement to a company’s field team.

9. Proactive approach — Do you want a company that simply sends a technician to replace a part, or an expert in power quality that can help you manage the risks of downtime, avoid the financial toll of power disruptions and make recommendations for improvements? You should expect your service provider to be qualified to make practical and preemptive recommendations for your organization.

10. Price for value — While it can be wise to remember the old adage “you get what you pay for,” obtaining quality UPS service shouldn’t break the bank.  Yet more importantly, never compromise quality (or any of the points on this checklist) over the cheapest quote out there.

IPS offers a comprehensive range of services that enable you to customize the ideal maintenance strategy for your organization. Even more, you can trust that we will meet or exceed every requirement on this checklist.

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