Certified Medical Grade UPSs and Power Conditioners

We feature the POWERVAR Uninterruptible Power Manager (UPM) Line


Intelligent Power Solutions understands that modern health care providers rely on the flawless and precise performance of sophisticated technology-based equipment for rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment. That’s why we are proud to offer POWERVAR uninterruptible power managers (UPMs) and power conditioners that are specifically designed to meet the unique and demanding requirements of the health care system.

For more information on POWERVAR medical grade UPM solutions, click here.

Power Conditioners

Some medical systems have special power protection safety needs, such as patient monitors, imaging equipment and various computer systems. POWERVAR medical conditioners not only deliver clean, conditioned power to protect systems used for patient care, they are also built to meet the safety requirements of IEC60601 and are safety agency listed (UL60601).

For more information on POWERVAR medical grade power conditioners available through IPS, click here.

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